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Management Systems


Our quality management system to acquire permanent customers and provide quality products/services.


Thera Information Technologies has adopted the establishment and operation of a sustainable quality management system that aims to provide services and products that create added value to its customers, employees, and society.


Thera has adopted the principle of embracing internationally valid standards in addition to its satisfaction-oriented processes based on the wishes and needs of its customers.

In this regard, the quality management system and project development, service delivery life cycle processes are certified with the following documents:



         TSE-ISO-EN 9001: 2015


        TSE EN ISO 14001:2015


        TSE EN ISO 45001:2018

ISO / IEC 27001: 2013

         ISO IEC  20000-1: 2018 HIS


         ISO IEC  22301: 2019

         ISO IEC  37001: 2019



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