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FEITIAN Technologies

FEITIAN Technologies is an international technology company operating in the field of digital security for over 14 years. The product range includes PKI, OTP, HOTP, Java Token, Mobile / Dekstop Card Readers and related solutions. Feitian products are FIPS / CC / U2F certificates, etc. is a leader in the market with Feitian.

 Utimaco HSM

Utimaco operates worldwide in the field of professional cyber security solutions, Aachen is an international company based in Germany. Since 1983, Utimaco has been developing hardware-based high-security devices (HSM / Hardware Security Modules) and complementary solutions (legal listening and data storage).

Today Utimaco is the world market leader in both these areas.


Magicard ; It is a group company of Ultra Electronics operating in the field of Air Defense Systems. Magicard brand card printers, produced in 100% UK, have unique features in the card printer market with their HoloKote / HoloFlex / Field Upgrade options. You can create unique and high-level security ID cards with card printers used in many reference projects in our country.


Nidec-Copal is a group of companies based in Japan, operating in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Optical Components, Robotic Systems.

Nidec-Copal is the leading company in the field of personalization of high security precious documents and documents such as National ID Cards / Passport and Driver's License, and the world market leader in both fields.

 ASK Technology

ASK Technology ; Established in 1997, it is an international company specialized in RFID Reader / Tag / Inlay / Card / Ticket solutions and e-Driver Documents, e-ID Card, Electronic / Biometric Passport solutions. It has a wide range of products about wage collection systems and components used in transportation. More than 50 countries use ASK products for eID / Passport and Driver documents.


Mango , which is the product of a target established in 1993 as an integrated wholesale solution provider in software / design / development / sales and service areas in the field of RFID, has become one of the most important brands in the world in a short time. Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Located in multiple strategic locations, Nanchang, Suzhou and Fuzhou etc. Mango has a large and powerful network.

 Castles Technology

Castles Technology is a technology company founded in 1993 by a group of visionary engineers to manufacture Contact / Contactless Smart Card Reader & EFT POS, PinPads and peripherals. Castles Tech, which is rapidly rising in the world market. Within the scope of Payment Recorder application, which has become widespread in our country recently, it produces to many institutions as OEM / ODM.


Access-IS is a UK-based company that reads Tickets and Travel Documents in many different areas, develops unique products and solutions in the field of Contactless Fare collection systems, Authentication of Travel and identity documents.
It is the leading company in the field of AccessIS , which offers alternative solutions for unique and secure Authentication processes, especially with ID / Passport control devices used at Airport / Airlines and Border points.


TRUSTid is the newest member of the Magicard family. Magicard has developed the TRUSTid product range in order to contract the customers' Card Design Software solution needs in the ID Card Printing field.

TRUSTid ID solutions are used by leading brands and feature ID card printers in the ID Card industry.

Especially Government Institutions, Universities, Schools, Companies and Health Institutions use TRUSTid Card Design and Printing solutions.


ScreenCheck offers a range of ID Card Design software solutions and services you need to succeed over the past 20 years.

All ScreenCheck ID solutions are used by leading brands and feature ID card printers in the ID Card industry.

For the past two decades, ScreenCheck has been collaborating with government agencies, universities, schools and healthcare organizations using BadgeMaker ID Card Design and Printing solutions.

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