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Environmental Policy


Thera Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Sti,  in line with the belief that environmental problems not only affect the area where they occur, but also lead to regional and global change, the need for high technology, end-to-end integrated, value-adding platform independent and environmentally friendly brings projects to life with an approach.


Thera Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Sti, undertakes to implement the below listed Environment Policies in the services produced, imported and put into use. Ensuring compliance with Environment Management System Standard and our current processes, it has established Environmental  with governing the system, Provides continuity.



  • While providing the customer needs and the environmentally friendly products produced/produced to meet the expectations of the customers and the services, we have been working in compliance with the environmental legislation, taking into account the supplier's requirements, be.

  • To ensure the fulfillment of compliance obligations in the operation of the Environmental Management System.

  • To ensure that all employees under its control are aware of the commitment to providing environmentally friendly products and services and are aware of their own responsibilities in this dirtu.

  • To maintain the value offered by evaluating and continuously monitoring the issues that affect or may affect the ability of the Environmental Management System to achieve the desired results.

  • To raise awareness and encourage environmental awareness with employees, customers and solution partners.

  • Using resources efficiently, trying to prevent pollution at its source, reducing the negative effects of products and services on the environment and waste.

  • To ensure that wastes arising from products and services are collected and separated at their source.

  • To provide the necessary human resources, working environment and financial resources to reduce the effects on the environment.

  • To protect the environment, to work to spread this principle all over Thera and its surroundings.

  • To constantly monitor and improve the Environmental Management System.

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