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Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

THERA Information Technologies Ltd. Sti has made a commitment to protect the confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and all physical and electronic information assets throughout the institution in order to protect the competitiveness, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image of the institution. Information and information security requirements are carried out in line with corporate objectives.

Our main goals within the scope of Information Security;

  • To ensure that our information security management system is documented, documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 standard,

  • To increase the information security awareness of the employees,

  • Fulfilling the function of defining, identifying, evaluating and controlling the relevant risks in order to establish and maintain the information security management system within the framework of the strategic is plan and risk management,

  • Complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,

  • Systematic management of risks to information assets,

  • To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our customers' information assets within the scope of the Information Security Management System,

  • We undertake to work devotedly to become an exemplary organization  in terms of information security in the industry.

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