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Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Thera Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Şti (Thera) implements end-to-end integrated, value-adding, platform-independent projects with high technology and security requirements in line with the interests of the country.
Thera considers its employees as its most valuable asset and adopts minimizing any losses that may occur and continuously improving it as its primary business goal by always creating a safer and healthier working environment on this basis. In this context;

  1. It fulfills its occupational health and safety obligations in its fields of activity, taking into account national and international legislation;  ,

  2.   develops methods, creates targets and management programs in order to establish a sustainable OHS management system and to continuously improve OHS performance ,

  3. In terms of Occupational Health and Safety, measurable targets that support continuous improvement are planned, followed and reported   ,

  4. It is ensured that all levels of the organization   and our stakeholders participate in the improvement of occupational health and safety practices ,

  5. In the fields of activity in which it operates; OHS risks are identified and evaluated and measures are taken to reduce risks  ,

  6. During our activities or likely to result in injury; all incidents and accidents   are examined and necessary improvements are made to prevent recurrence,

  7. To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases; employees are given regular   trainings by experts in the field.

  8.  Our suppliers and subcontractors are encouraged to comply with the methods and principles of the Thera OHS Management System  

As Thera Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Şti , in order to ensure the sustainability of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, within the framework of the policy, we can improve our processes by sharing information and in teamwork at every stage of our activities.
by constantly improving; We declare and undertake that we will achieve this by creating added value for our stakeholders, society and producers.

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