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IT Service Management Policy

IT Service Policy



Thera  Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Şti , implements end-to-end integrated, value-adding, platform-independent projects with high technology and service requirements in line with the interests of the country.

Thera  Bilgi Teknolojileri Tic.Ltd.Şti ; It implements the policies listed below in the services offered and ensures the effectiveness of ITMS and services by guaranteeing the service management with the IT Service Management System it has established in accordance with the requirements of the IT Service Management System (ITMS) standard and our current processes.


  1. To ensure the continuity of our management system, which is compatible with the requirements of the IT Service Management System standard and our existing processes, and supported by the Senior Management,

  2. To ensure that the services provided to meet the needs and expectations of its customers are working in accordance with all relevant legal and other conditions and contractual regulations,

  3. To ensure that all employees responsible for providing services are aware of our commitment to providing continuous and effective IT Service Management, and to ensure that people are aware of their responsibilities in this direction,

  4. To develop the competencies and knowledge of the employees providing the services, to ensure that they receive appropriate training to support the effective operation of ITMS and to reflect their competencies in the services they provide,

  5. To develop and provide services in line with the expectations of customers and to support the continuous development of these services,

  6. To continuously increase the value we offer to our customers by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the services,

  7. To provide IT Service Delivery that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

  8. We adopt the approach of "continuously increasing service quality, accessibility, continuity and customer satisfaction" for the continuous improvement of our IT Services.

Improving IT Service Management, which is constantly developed and perfected based on this approach
Within the scope of its studies, a system that accepts the outputs from all processes as inputs and compares them with the targets.
We use models.
By determining our goals for the development of IT Service Management, we can achieve these goals.
In order to reach our goals by determining the necessary processes for
We carry out improvement works. To maintain and improve IT Service Management
We regularly monitor the realization of our goals.

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